About Us

Our Vision

Playing is part of the growing stage of every child and a daily activity that they cannot missed out. Children learn because they play everyday. With toys around them, they experience joy and fun playing them. Most importantly, through this, they create freely with their imaginations and develop new skills on their own.

At Cozyio Toys, we strive to source and provide children with innovative and educational play toys with high play value on high quality materials that naturally develop the interest and abilities in them and support their development.

Our toys are primarily wood based. Wherever possible, wood based toys are chosen over plastic toys because they are made from natural materials that are healthy to the children and safe to the environment. Natural materials do not contain high levels of chemicals and toxins like certain plastic toys, such as Phthalate additives that are combined with PVC to make plastic toys softer. The paints used on our toys are safe, child friendly and non-toxic. Ultimately, our toys enable children to play, learn and become closer to the nature and so we believe that wood based toys are the best gift you can bring home for your little kid.


Our supplier is actively involved in international toys fairs and exhibitions and their products have won various prestigious awards, such as the Organeco Blocks by Hape International, which has won the ‘Creativity and Design Award’ at the 2010 International Toy Fair in N├╝rnberg (Germany), the largest toys fair in the world.